I work with companies all around the world to educate and train their management teams on the latest trends in corporate innovation, innovation in China, community building, and more. I provide tactical advice and if needed, my team can help on the execution side as well.

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Corporate Innovation

We live in the era where even a single entrepreneur can put an established company/brand out of business. The world of tech is moving faster than ever and your responsibility as a CEO or C-level executive is to know where it is going. You have to be able to predict the future and take action before somebody else will. This workshop will help you understand the process of corporate innovation, how to create your own corporate innovation strategy, and how you find, partner with, and invest in entrepreneurs trying to disrupt your industry.

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Innovation in China

China is no longer only a place of cheap labor and “Shanzhai” (low-cost fake products). China is the largest e-commerce market in the world with 800M internet users and more than 300M people in the middle class. China is also heavily investing into venture capital and technologies like artificial intelligence (it plans to become the world’s leader in AI by the year 2030). New business models are created in China every single day. This workshop will help you understand the innovation landscape in China and how you can take advantage of this huge business opportunity.

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Word of mouth is known as of the best marketing and sales channels out there. Devoted community (to your brand/product) combined with the power of social media can give a traditional word of mouth a significant boost. Building a community takes time and you should think about building a community before you need one. This workshop will help you understand what community is all about, how to build one for yourself, and what tools successful companies/individuals use to manage their communities.

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