Work with me

Are you full of energy and eager to learn? Are you a student or just at the beginning of your journey? Do you want to meet people from all around the world, work on interesting projects and help startups/founders along the way?

My name is JAN, I live in Shenzhen and am looking for somebody who would like to become my "right-hand". You'll get a full access to everything I do.

This is what I'm currently working on:

1) The Dinner (building a bridge between China tech and the rest of the world)

2) Helping Peter Diamandis and his team with business development in China.

3) On Deck China (curated events/happy hours for VCs and aspiring/seasoned founders)

4) #YourChinaGuy (content, personal brand, speaking engagements, etc.)

5) Mentoring startups/founders (China, marketing/branding, community building, fundraising, etc.)

6) Advising companies (China, corporate innovation, marketing/branding, community building, market expansion, etc.)

Do you find any of these exciting? Join me! 

Executive Hustler

Type: Part-time / Side hustle

Start: ASAP

Salary: No monthly salary

Perks: Full access to my global network and everything I do, free tickets to all events and conferences I attend, mentorship, seat at a co-working space or my office

Requirements: The only thing I need is a CAN-DO attitude, willingness to work for FREE*

It’s all about the attitude, you won't actually work for “FREE”.

Do you like challenges? Are you willing to sacrifice some of your free time to accelerate your career? I would like to hear from you. Apply bellow!

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(you can also work remotely from a different city; presence in China is preferred)