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"I Get things done AND


presence IN CHINA."


About Me

I thrive when working with smart, creative, high-integrity people in dynamic and highly innovative environments on challenging problems, the solutions to which have high positive impact potential. (I thank Jeff Holden, an entrepreneur I truly respect, for helping me to formulate this.)

I work with a small group of selected companies as INTERIM GM and Business Developer in

Residence and help them build their presence in China and the rest of Asia.

During my last 4 years in Asia I’ve built communities, grown brands and launched companies:

  • Featured on the LinkedIn Power Profiles List 2018 as one of the most viewed and engaged members of LinkedIn China (alongside Kai Fu Lee from Sinovation Ventures, Starbucks China CEO, VIPKid CEO and many others).

  • Scaled Startup Grind (the world's largest startup community in the world) to 100+ cities in Asia (including 25+ cities in China).

  • Cofounded 5X Ventures (backed my Emporia Telecom), investing in hardware entrepreneurs and helping them get their products to market faster.

  • Founded The Dinner, creating a new exclusive series of networking events in China and around the globe.

  • Joined Credit Suisse as the only foreign employee in Mainland China to help their PE/Hedge Fund clients get better access to China and its tech.

Previously, I helped launch a venture for Rocket Internet (a company that incubated and invested in 100+ companies with the valuation exceeding $15B) and built an online business while still in college (successfully exited).

Check out my daily post about China and my journey on my LinkedIn profile.


Some of the companies I have worked with


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We had a phenomenal event in Shenzhen organized by Jan and his team, bringing together top industry leaders across finance and cutting edge technology.
— Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, XPrize & Singularity University


Spending a day with Gary Vaynerchuk in Hong Kong. To me, Gary is the symbol of a pure entrepreneurship and hustle. Spending some time with him was an absolute pleasure!